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                      company profile


                      Chongqing Xili clutch Manufacturing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Xili) is located in the country's most dynamic, the youngest municipality, heavy industry developed auto parts production base, beautiful mountain city-Chongqing. Xili is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and service of high quality clutch assembly. The company has high-end technical personnel, advanced production and manufacturing systems and perfect testing equipment, after many years of technical research and reform, has overcome the existence of a variety of clutch technology plate; With exquisite production technology, advanced and perfect production equipment and testing equipment and high Requirements of material selection, the manufacture of high cost-effective clutch products have been recognized and favored by customers at home and abroad!


                      Product coverage: micro car, pickup truck, light truck and other more than 1000 models, is one of the largest clutch assembly manufacturers in China.


                      Business coverage: domestic aftermarket, mainframe factory, OEM contract, exported to Europe, South America, and Middle East countries.


                      Quality: exquisite technology, advanced equipment, harsh requirements on materials, parts strictly control, 100% assembly factory inspection.


                      Services: high delivery efficiency, professional model matching, fast development of new models, after-sale security.


                      Business philosophy: product quality maximization, customer satisfaction maximization; made in China, sold in the world.


                      Concept of Development: we are always on the way to progress, because excellence is endless;


                      Vision: committed to creating high-quality clutch industry leader brand!